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NinjaNastics Classes

Ninja Littles: Your child will love our NinjaNastics class! They'll learn a combination of beginner Ninja skills and Gymnastics skills during this one hour active class. The class will consist of fun obstacles where each ninja will run, jump, balance and tumbling. They will use a variety of equipment including (but not limited to) our cargo net, rings, tumble trak, air track. Our staff is so excited for this high energy class and will be sure to keep the class fun and engaging for all.  (1 hour)

Ninja Kids: In this Ninja class your child will continue to progress their ninja skills! Obstacles will become more challenging! They'll learn ninja flips and rolls, work on building core skills to be a Ninja: core strength, grip strength, agility, balance and speed. During class Ninjas will also be challenged by our 10' warped wall, can your Ninja conquer it and get their name on the wall? (1 hour)

Ninja Warriors: In our most advanced Ninja class your child will continue to advance their ninja skills! They'll work on perfecting their Ninja flips - learning front flips and back flips! They'll continue to work on challenging obstacles, rope climbing and conquering the 10' warped wall!  (1 hour) 

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